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Oct 292011
Wordpress is powered by WordPress. It aims to be more then a blog and although WordPress is said to be blogging software it is capable of much, much more.
After adventures with a lot of technologies  (including Joomla, Textpattern and Drupal), I started using WordPress and have been using it since. Every new version it keeps improving and expanding it’s possibilities.

The site, the theme and the plugins will always be a up-to-date as possible, But I’m also keeping a close eye on stability. Because what good is information if you can’t access it…

The Theme uses a child theme of the magnificent Suffusion Theme by Sayontan Sinha. Great theme, great support and lots of updates.

I have made a lot of modifications to the style and some basic modifications to the theme code.

Using a child theme grants the benefit of being able to update the main theme without losing changes. More information on child themes can be found in the WordPress Codex

The Plugins

Wordpress PluginsThe following plugins are active on

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast: this has replaced All-in-One SEOXML Sitemaps and No Category Base. Excellent plugin, requires some configuration but works great
  • Taxonomy Order: used to custom order categories (in the menu). This plugin has replaced Category Order.
  • Lightbox Plus: lightbox dialog for viewing post images. This plugin replaced Lightbox 2 because it is easier in use and much faster
  • Taxonomy Images: provides images for categories and tags. I have integrated these into the suffusion theme
  • Relevanssi: replacement for the standard WordPress search
  • SyntaxHighlighter Evolved: still my favourite code highlighter
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP): generates related posts below articles
Top Tip: check your plugins on a regular basis. Some outdated plugins can cause major problems on newer versions of WordPress.
Also remember that debug mode is your friend.

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