Nov 082011

The Fedora Project released version 16 of their distribution today, code named “Verne”. Among the many new features are Kernel 3.1, Gnome 3.2, KDE 4.7.2, better cloud computing integration and support for Grub2.

Although Fedora 15 failed to impress in my Switching To Linux Series, I am still open minded towards all new distributions and I will test this new release shortly.

The downloads can be found on But, as always on release days, the downloads are a bit slow.  Fedora comes in many flavors, called “Spins”. So if you don’t like Gnome, you can chosse KDE, LXDE or  XFCE


The full release notes can be found on

Here are some highlights:

  • Enhanced cloud support including Aeolus Conductor, Condor Cloud, HekaFS, OpenStack and pacemaker-cloud
  • KDE Plasma workspaces 4.7
  • GNOME 3.2
  • A number of core system improvements including GRUB 2 and the removal of HAL.
  • An updated libvirtd, trusted boot, guest inspection, virtual lock manager and a pvops based kernel for Xen all improve virtualization support.
  • Fedora 16 features the new 3.1.0 kernel.
  • GPT disk labels
  • The /etc/rc.d/rc.local local customization script is no longer included by default
  • Fedora 16 changes the UID and GID allocation policy: user accounts now start from value 1000 instead of the previous value 500
  • Several virtualization changes
  • httpd was updated from 2.2.17 to 2.2.19.
  • Many more…
So, if you like fedora or want to give it a go, just download and test it

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