Nov 172011

One week after Fedora 16, the OpenSUSE project released its new version: 12.1. A bit strange to release 12.1 (instead of 12.0) but I am sure they had good reason(s). New features include GNOME 3.2, several cloud computing enhancements, snapper (btrfs snapshots) and Tumbleweed enhancements (rolling distribution repository)

OpenSUSE was one of the distributions that did not make the final cut in my Switching To Linux series. But like Fedora I will be keeping a close eye on this release and I will test it in the near future.

Downloads can be found on OpenSUSE has different versions available: DVD, Live Gnome, Live KDE and Network. Chose the one you like, download it and give it a try.

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Oct 262011

Chapter 4.Over the years I have tested and used a lot of distributions. For the “Switching to Linux” article series I wanted to pick the distribution that suited my needs best. Usability was the primary concern. A close second was looks, I have always been a sucker for eye candy. Things like installation and configuration where less important.

I consider myself (fairly) experienced in Linux, having setup a good number of servers and desktops. I have been using Linux as a secondary desktop for a number of years now. So I did not expect much problems in the distribution step towards my ultimate goal: a perfect Linux desktop, suitable for everyday use both professional and private. Continue reading »

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